Design DefineDUnlike printed brochures and mailers, with website design what you see isn't always what you get. Our specialty is building a website that looks beautiful and also performs well on search engines, to people with disabilities, and is easy and fast to update and expand.

This is a more in-depth list of services we provide and a little explanation of what they mean.


"RSS" stands for "Really Simple Syndication". Its a way of outputting news and updates from your website into a file that other websites can read and display, as well as software applications made to read the files. It makes it easy for your users to subscribe to your website and be alerted automatically when you make updates.


"CMS" stands for "Content Management System". Our prefered CMS is called Drupal, an amazing content management system used by some of the most respected and secure sites in the world, like the Whitehouse, NPR, MTV and more. It is enterprise-level software made available to anyone. And the best part is that you can update the website whenever you want, from wherever you want! No more paying a company outrageous prices and waiting for them to update your site.

URL Rewrite

The URL is the address of your website or individual pages. With most dynamically driven websites, the URL is a hard to read mess of ampersands and random characters. TJdub websites use URL rewrites to make your dynamic pages appear to be static pages, so it's ranked higher in the search engines and easier to forward those links around to friends and family.


The generic term "accessible" in regard to websites is associated with several different facets of smart website design.

  1. Accessible to other internet enabled devices. These days, the internet is portable. People are surfing the 'net and finding businesses on their Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs, iPhones, cell phones, tablet computers, and even some web-enabled MP3 players. More and more devices are being built to access the internet, and websites that we develop will be able to be accessed by all these systems. Guaranteed.

  2. Accessible to offline readers and other software. Our website packages from Silver on up include RSS, "Really Simple Syndication", feeds which make it easy for your website visitors to read your website content in the program of their choice, including web-apps, email applications, feed-readers, and more.

  3. Accessible to people with disabilities. The internet is expanding to those individuals who didn't used to be able to surf the web. This includes sight-impaired individuals who may need to increase the font size of the website, or even blind users who navigate websites with the aid of screen readers. Our websites are also accessible to those users who don't have the ability to use a mouse or keyboard effectively. You don't want to stop any portion of the population from accessing your website, and our websites make this possible.


"SEO" stands for "Search Engine Optimization". Most websites are built with SEO as an afterthought, tacked on after the rest of the site is built. Our sites are built with SEO in mind from the beginning, making use of proper heading tags, semantically correct markup, META tags, and more.


"CSS" stands for "Cascading Style Sheet". The websites from TJdub utilize CSS technology to make sure your website looks good on the computer screen, cell phone screen, and printed out. In addition, putting all style information in a separate file makes it easy to redesign your site, as well as perform better on search engines.

META data

Meta data is invisible to casual users of the internet, but very important to your website. It's a way of defining keywords, description, author, and more to make your website easy to find.

dynamic website

Usually when you hear us refer to "dynamic websites", we're talking about websites that changed based on user manipulation, rather than the more common "static" websites. For example, once your site is established with a "blog" section, users will be able to leave their own commens on your site, expanding your website's content and usually improving rankings in search engines. A dynamic website is one that users can actually interact with, rather than one that just "exists".
It also also refers to you actually updating your own website. You'll be able to log into an administration panel to update your website, dynamically, instantly and easily. If you can type into a word processor, you can update your website whenever and however you want to.

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